Wednesday, September 21, 2016
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Upcoming Courses

Our v2.0 launch was a success; a big thanks to all our beta testers! We're now focussing on bringing the rest of our courses back online. Check out our course pipeline to see what's coming up next and vote on what topics you're most interested in.

In the meantime, our two foundational courses are open for enrollment, with the next round starting this Tue Sep 27th:

HTML: Website Basics
Beginner CSS: Styling Websites Now on to the goodies!
Demonstration of variable fonts

Variable Fonts

As savvy web creators, we know it's essential that our web sites look organized and readable across a wide range of screen sizes. When it comes to typography, this can be challenging, as fonts that work great at small resolutions often fall flat at larger sizes, and vice versa. Fortunately, a new technology is in the works called variable fonts, which are fonts that can be optimally adjusted on the fly, allowing you to dial in the perfect width, height, weight, and more.
Snapshots from the Startup Incorporation Checklist

Startup Incorporation Checklist

If you have aspirations of launching your own business, big or small, you'll want to bookmark this detailed yet to-the-point, startup incorporation checklist. Not only does it outline the essential steps, it also includes tips on free software to help manage the bizness side of your business.
ChromeLens logo

Build a web for everyone
with the help of ChromeLens

As web developers, it’s easy to fall into the trap of expecting your visitors to experience your site the same way you do. However, roughly one in 26 of your visitors will be visually impaired and seeing your work through a “different lens”. Tools like ChromeLens will mimic these experiences, for example color-blindness, so you can make sure your site is not difficult to use for the visually impaired. ChromeLens will also scan your site for other accessibility pitfalls, and make suggestions for improvements.
Screenshot of the hourly rate calculator

Choosing an hourly rate

If you're looking to hire a contractor, or you are one yourself, one of the most challenging aspects is deciding on the right rate. The budget calculator at helps break down this problem by seeing how different hourly rates calculate out over the entire range of a project— from initial planning, to building, to bug fixes, unplanned features, and more.

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