Illustration of women coding

Thank you!

The Women's Coding Collective began in 2011 as a community group aimed at helping narrow the gender gap in computer programming. We started with small, in-person classes in Philadelphia, then expanded to Boston, and finally launched our classes worldwide with an online platform.

In the past six years, we've helped thousands of women dive into coding and have excitedly watched the growth of many new initiatives aimed at empowering women and members of other groups underrepresented in tech.

Along the way, the team behind the WCC have also seen our own careers evolve, leading to new opportunities. With each new adventure, we've found ourselves with less time to devote to the WCC online courses. And so, with a bit of sadness but plenty of fond memories, we're closing the doors on the WCC.

If you took one of our online courses, log in to access an archive of your course material.

Thanks for learning with us and happy coding!